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two white goldendoodle puppies

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Did you know that playing games and doing fun activities with your Goldendoodle puppy strengthens the bond between you two, helps create new memories together, and provides tons of health benefits? Plus, your puppy will never feel more loved!

Trick training is the most common thought that comes to mind when talking about Goldendoodle activity. However, this doesn’t have to be the only game you play! In this blog post, we’ll take a trip through the 5 best games and activities you can do with your Goldendoodle puppy to keep them entertained, active and happy. Keep reading here!

5 Fun Activities To Make Memories With Your Best Friend!

    1. Trick Training: Good training is vital to keeping your puppy safe and secure when they explore the real world. Tricks like shaking hands or rolling over are good ways to stimulate their brain and keep them entertained.
    2. Treasure Hunts: These activities are great for these puppies, who are extremely curious and willing to explore. Hide a toy or treat somewhere in your house, let your Goldendoodle find it, and then reward them when they do.
    3. Cycling Together: Goldendoodles are known for having an above-average amount of energy, so cycling together is a great way to do some cardio while having fun. For safety reasons, invest in a high-quality harness for your pup and get ready to hit the road.
    4. Playing Dog Frisbee: Dog frisbee is a fun way to keep Goldendoodles entertained. These puppies have an impressive amount of energy that needs to be expended. Not to mention, Goldendoodles are excellent at learning new tricks and activities, so this game is a perfect way for them to unleash their potential.
    5. Going To The Dog Park: Taking your puppy to the dog park is an excellent way to let them explore, socialize, and get lots of exercises. It’s also a great opportunity to make new friends and for your Goldendoodle to learn proper canine etiquette with other dogs.

Get a Puppy and Make Memories That Will Last Forever

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