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Explore Medium Goldendoodles in California

30 - 45 Lbs

Welcome to My Goldendoodle Puppy, your premier destination for medium-sized Goldendoodles. We take great pride in offering you a wide selection of these wonderful companions, bred with care and dedication. If you’re searching for a dog that strikes the perfect balance between size and temperament, our medium Goldendoodles are the ideal choice.

Our medium Goldendoodles are the result of crossing a mini- or medium-sized Goldendoodle with a Moyen Poodle. This combination creates a dog with a charming personality, intelligence, and a heart full of love. Their moderate size makes them versatile companions, fitting comfortably into various living environments, from spacious homes to cozy apartments.

Renowned for their friendly and sociable nature, medium Goldendoodles excel as family pets. They adore spending time with their loved ones and have a special fondness for children. Their patient and gentle demeanor make them ideal playmates and reliable friends for kids of all ages. Additionally, their adaptability and compatibility with other pets make them a perfect addition to multi-pet households.

One of the notable advantages of medium Goldendoodles is their hypoallergenic coat, which is typically low- to non-shedding and allergy-friendly. This makes them an excellent choice for individuals or families with allergies, ensuring a more comfortable and enjoyable living experience. 

Medium Goldendoodles possess an innate intelligence and eagerness to please, which makes training them a delightful experience. They thrive on mental stimulation and enjoy engaging in activities that challenge their minds. Whether it’s obedience training, agility courses, or interactive games, these intelligent dogs are always up for a mental workout.

While medium Goldendoodles are playful and active, they also appreciate their downtime and enjoy relaxing with their human companions. Whether curled up by your side during a movie night or joining you for a leisurely stroll, they cherish the close bond they form with their families. Their loving and affectionate nature makes them exceptional therapy and emotional support dogs as well.

We are dedicated to providing our medium Goldendoodle puppies with the best possible start in life. They are raised in a loving home environment, receiving early socialization and exposure to various stimuli. This helps them develop into confident and well-rounded dogs, ready to embrace the world and shower their families with unconditional love.

Thank you for choosing My Goldendoodle Puppy as your trusted source for medium Goldendoodles. Explore our available puppies and get in touch with us to begin your journey toward welcoming a delightful companion into your home. Get ready to experience the joy and love that a medium Goldendoodle brings to your life.